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All of our deals are direct to seller. We provide our  investors direct access to the owner of record. No middlemen, No delays!


As time has gone by, our marketing methods have improved to have a continous stream of HIGH ROI investment opportunites. Everything from SFH, MFH and commercial


Texas Homes REI is all about giving investors a winning advantage. From providing transparent prices to transparent house conditions, you will feel safe knowing you are in a winning position always

Why Texas Homes REI

What is your best use of your time? Making deals happen or hunting for the next property? Let us do all the heavy lifting for you: the cold calls, the marketing, the data search. Rest assured you can focus on managing your assets, rehabbing them and ensuring you have a fantastic ROI. Give us your criteria: where you’re looking for properties, the price point, condition and exit strategy. There is an exit strategy for every property. Contact us to see how we can work together. 


Texas Homes REI guided me through my first investment property. The knowledge and depth that was provided was by far the most valuable experience. Josue made me feel confident knowing that my investment was secure by real property by providing transparency with the title company, the repairs and the exit strategy. You don’t know what you don’t know and Josue made sure that I knew all of the blind spots that may come up for me throughout my investment journey. I can proudly say that I recommend Texas Homes REI to anyone that is considering investing in real estate. Thank you team!


Daniela Montero

Dontero Global LLC

My name is Tyler Silver with DealFlyte and I have gotten a ton of leads through Texas Homes REI cold calling center. Through one of their leads I was able to close a $300,000 spread on a multimillion dollar property. I always expect results and I continue to see them through the constant innovation, acquisitions training and support from their entire team. Anyone that is struggling with marketing should reach out to THREI and get started with their cold calling services. Highly recommend them!


Tyler Silver

Invest Off Market

I have been able to work with Texas Homes REI as my dispositioning machine and joint venturing the deals that I got under contract. I constantly got properties under contract but it was always time consuming to disposition the asset. Josue with Texas Homes REI was able to help me get rid of the properties in a timely matter so I could focus on what mattered most: finding the next deal. Work with him if you want your deal to be dispositioned quickly. Thanks THREI!


Jake Stein

Hindsight Investments LLC