Need Lending for your next flip?

Texas Homes REI recommends as a local lender.

Quick Lending is a Houston firm that provides Transactional Funding, Fix & Flip Funding for the Metro Houston real estate marketTheir goal is to provide hassle free, fast funding that will allow you to get the best deals and make the most money. Because they are an “asset based” lender, they will not ask for credit check or personal tax returns. The property is the security. A term sheet is a simple email away.

All loans are underwritten by experienced decision makers to ensure speed, privacy, and eliminate the unnecessary red tape. You’ll get an answer on your funding request within hours and they can close in as little as 48 hours if needed.


Quick Lending, LLC is an experienced hard money lender in Texas.  They provide private money loans for acquisition on investor owned residential and commercial real estate.  They offer competitive rates, quick response and funding times, and a straightforward lending process.


Houston Hard Money Loans

For More information please contact Loany at Phone Number 346.200.1232 ext.10