Our Cold Calling Center: VANCOM.IO

What We Offer:


All of our agents are well trained in real estate, acquisitions, sales & psychology, and are capable to turn any indication of interest into a lead for you to close on. They know how to approach any kind of seller in any given situation, and keep constantly getting trained by our leaders and CEO.


No matter how you’re looking to approach your targeting market, we can probably help you out with it. We offer Cold Callers, SMS closers or Appointment Setters who can be at your service to satisfy your needs at any given time.


In VANCOM, we find value in honesty and trust, so we offer you all kind of ways to feel comfortable with our service and the developement of them, including giving you total access to your dialer, call recordings or data, as well as providing you with weekly reports with statistics and insights and meetings whenever you like with our whole team to answer your questions or solve issues.


In VANCOM we provide you a full on service to cover up the needs on your business with a whole team on the background to supervise everything goes as desired: An Executive Calling Manager, in change of reports and solving issues, an Operations Manager, who’ll help you set up and give insight on data, a Supervisor, to make sure your agent is always performing with excellence, a Client Success Specialist, right there whenever you need to communicate anything, making sure you always have a quick answer, and finally a bi-lingual agent to close leads for you. Together, we provide a service where you’ll only have to focus on closing deals, the rest, leave on our hands!